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August 18, 2014


Artist: Jon Rubin

A traveling talk show recently made its way through Pittsburgh, during which organizers interviewed residents about their neighborhoods. This mobile talk show visited each of the city’s 90 neighborhoods in 20 days, filming residents as they shared their opinions and ideas about the state of their communities and how they would like to see them … Read More

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August 15, 2014

The New City-Makers

Six lessons public artists can teach us about how to make our cities better

Something strange is happening in our cities. Given the somber state of our economic, environmental, and social progress, one would expect cities to be in serious trouble. After all, a growing majority of the world’s population lives in them (84 percent in the United States, according to the last census), where they consume an ever-growing … Read More

August 14, 2014

Remembering Anthony Turney 1937-2014

San Francisco, Calif. – After battling cancer for three years, arts advocate Anthony Turney passed away on July 4, 2014. A longtime supporter of the arts, Turney served on the San Francisco Arts Commission and Deputy Chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts in Washington, DC. Born in Sutton, England, Turney emigrated to the … Read More

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August 13, 2014

Happy City

Charles Montgomery

Although not explicitly about public art, Happy City: Transforming Our Lives Through Urban Design by journalist Charles Montgomery gives plenty of reasons why we need public art in our cities and where such art should be placed to have the greatest effect. Montgomery makes a compelling case that the cities we have built, especially in the … Read More

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August 13, 2014

OpenSpace/OpenBar at the Walker Art Center

What does it mean to be open?

On July 31st, Forecast invited artists to OpenSpace/OpenBar at the Walker Art Center as part of their Open Field program. The theme of the event was focused on the “meaning of openness.” Using an adaptation of a facilitation formula called Open Space Technology that relies on self organization of the experiences and expertise in the room, our intern … Read More

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August 8, 2014

Standing at the Gateway

Public art projects in St. Louis are reconnecting the city’s fragmented infrastructure—and its people

Word for word, no public artwork in St. Louis has been discussed more than Richard Serra’s Twain. It’s been disparaged at dinner parties, criticized in the newspaper, and one vandal-critic even spray-painted “GET RID OF THIS THING!” on its weathered Cor-Ten surface. Located on the Gateway Mall, a block-wide park that ribbons through downtown, Twain … Read More

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