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March 6, 2015

2014 Grantee Andrea Steudel

Independent Filmmaker Project MN captures the stories of Forecast grantees

Professional Development grantee Andrea Steudel used her Forecast grant to research ways to use existing city lighting infrastructure for public art. Exploring alleyways in St. Paul’s Lowertown, she mapped possible locations, developed ideas, and tested rudimentary prototypes. Visit our Vimeo channel for more Forecast/Independent Filmmaker Project MN collaborative productions. Special thanks to Independent Filmmaker Project MN for their support … Read More

March 4, 2015

Interview: JR

French artist JR talks about boundaries, questions, finding out what’s possible, and his latest work on Ellis Island

Born in 1983 in France, JR began his career surreptitiously tagging around Paris. In the last decade he has reached audiences all around the globe, carrying out public projects focusing on the human face and its symbolic power. After he won significant financial support in the form of the 2011 TED Prize, JR created the … Read More

March 3, 2015

2014 Grantee: Crescent Collective

Independent Filmmaker Project MN captures the stories of Forecast grantees

Aretemis Ettsen, Laura Bigger, and Teréz Iacovino, the trio that make up Crescent Collective, used their Planning Grant to research and test different hydroponic methods. Using recycled materials, they prototyped sculptures that grow food indoors. It’s public art you can eat! As cities continue to expand, their questions offer inspiration for integrating plants into the urban landscape. How … Read More

March 2, 2015

“Particle Falls”

Artists: Andrea Polli and Chuck Varga

Logan, Utah – Particle Falls, Andrea Polli and Chuck Varga’s environmental artwork, uses real-time visualization to expose air quality issues that are often ignored. It consists of a waterfall of blue light projected onto a building; the light turns fiery orange or red when there’s particulate pollution in the air. On view at Utah State … Read More

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February 27, 2015

Homestead Act

Artist Peter von Tiesenhausen copyrights his land

Alberta, Canada – To understand why Alberta artist Peter von Tiesenhausen copyrighted the land that he and his wife own, it helps to look with his eyes out the window of the studio he built himself on their remote 800 acres northwest of Grande Prairie. The copyright was a novel legal maneuver to prevent the … Read More

February 25, 2015

Guesswho Gets Noticed

The anonymous Indian street artist has been compared to Banksy

Guesswho is a street artist practicing in Kochi (Cochin), a city in Kerala state on India’s southwest coast. The anonymous artist combines eastern imagery with images from western popular culture—often using multiple rendering styles in a single piece—and has been compared to Banksy. BBC recently interviewed Guesswho.   Images: Creative Commons license.

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