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A term to describe new directions in art utilizing technology, video, projection computers, the Internet, geo-locational devices, and other new tools and technology, typically of an electronic nature. New media public art often involves interactive technology or audience-activated artwork.

September 10, 2014

Miranda July’s Somebody

On August 28th, filmmaker Miranda July unveiled a new way to communicate: Somebody—a free app available from iTunes. This public art project creates face-to-face connections for strangers via their smartphones. When you send your friend a message through Somebody, it goes not to your friend, but to the Somebody user nearest your friend. This person (likely a stranger) … Read More

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August 27, 2014

The 3D Revolution

New technology gives artists a novel way to build models and fabricate works

No matter how much trouble the creators of digital tech may be having actually creating popular new products these days—and they are having trouble—they continue to hype the novelty and game-changing capabilities of each new bit of soft- or hardware. There is one digital area, however, that so powerfully combines an unlikely premise with an … Read More

July 11, 2014


Artists: Moment Factory

Montreal, Canada (2013) – With Megaphone, Montreal’s citizens and visitors were given a public platform with which to share their ideas and concerns about issues that affect the city. The interactive installation by Moment Factory, a design and production studio specializing in multimedia projects, featured a designated area in the Quartier des Spectacles where people could express … Read More

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May 28, 2014

Summer Arts Festivals 2014

Check out the arts festivals happening around North America this summer and start making travel plans. Here is a list to get you started: 2014-2016 Vancouver, British Columbia Vancouver Biennale – Guided by the theme “Open Borders / Crossroads Vancouver,” the 3rd annual Vancouver Biennale will include a variety of artistic mediums, including music, performance, sculpture, and … Read More

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January 25, 2014

Sacramento Receives Grant to Create Virtual Art

Sacramento, Calif. – Thanks to a $20,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, 11 artists will create artworks to enhance Sacramento’s Broadway District virtually. None of the artworks—whether sculpture, mural, etc.—will exist in a physical location but rather as digital files, visible only on a smartphone or tablet. The project, Broadway Augmented, will use … Read More

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September 30, 2013

Call for Suggestions: International Award for Public Art

Global – Forecast Public Art and the Institute for Public Art have opened a Call for Suggestions for the second International Award for Public Art. The award honors excellence in the field while also seeking to increase visibility for public art internationally and to foster knowledge through research, discussion, and debate. Please send suggestions by … Read More

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September 24, 2013

Elevate Week: October 18–26, 2013

Atlanta, Ga. – Beginning October 18, 2013, downtown Atlanta will play host to a medley of large-scale public art projects, performances, and educational opportunities in its 3rd annual art festival known as Elevate Week. The theme of this year’s festival is “Transit: Time, People & Places.” Elevate Week runs October 18–26, 2013, along North and South … Read More

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June 1, 2013

Cai Guo-Qiang: Ladder to the Sky

Rebecca Morse and Jeffrey Deitch, eds.

Guo-Qiang, in his fifth decade of experiential public art practice, is best known for his explosion events, but the breadth of his work often transcends fire and fuses. If you’re like me, when you hear “explosion event,” you reach for your laptop, not an artist monograph. While a YouTube search is instantly gratifying, Cai Guo-Qiang: … Read More

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April 13, 2013

Beta Test: Public Art at San José’s Airport

Innovation In Administration at San José, California’s Norman Y. Mineta Airport

San José, Calif. –  The legendary capital of Silicon Valley, is California’s third largest city and the tenth largest in the United States. It’s home to the corporate headquarters of Adobe, Cisco, and eBay, and major facilities of Hewlett-Packard, Hitachi, IBM, and Lockheed Martin. Apple and the Googleplex round out Silicon Valley’s bright lights. Smaller … Read More

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April 4, 2013

2013 Grantees Announced 1

Every year Forecast is amazed by the talented artists and innovative ideas that are proposed through our annual grant program. We want to thank all of our applicants for their hard work and creative concepts. We would also like to thank our independent selection panel for taking on the challenging task of selecting grantees. Congratulations … Read More

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