About Forecast

Sarah McClure

Development + Communications Manager

Sarah McClure is our Development and Communications Manager. She has served on the staff of a variety of organizations nationally and internationally, including the American Museum of Natural History, InterExchange, and most recently the Minnesota Museum of American Art where she supported fundraising initiatives. Her work in nonprofit fundraising and communications is fostered by a background in corporate philanthropy gained while working as a member of the corporate social responsibility team at Aveda Corporation.

Sarah recently moved to Minnesota from New York City where she received a B.A. in cultural anthropology and a Master’s degree in museum studies from New York University. During her graduate studies, Sarah focused on how museums consult with and engage the communities they represent. She is passionate about the role of the arts in enriching communities and facilitating dialogue.

Sarah draws great meaning from connecting people to an impactful organization mission and is energized by sharing the important work being done by Forecast Public Art.