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March 8, 2017

2016 Grantees Explore Performative Public Art

Independent Filmmaker Project MN captures the stories of Forecast grantees

In 2016, a number of Forecast grantees received funding to explore creative strategies for bringing their performing arts practices into the public realm. Malia Burkhart developed an ensemble process that culminated in a performance in a public park; Eric F. Avery researched methods for creating a participatory, multi-site performance; and Laryssa Husiak prototyped an interactive … Read More

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February 15, 2017

2016 Grantee Rory Wakemup

Independent Filmmaker Project MN captures the stories of Forecast grantees

As a 2016 Emerging Artist Project grantee, Rory Wakemup invited Native youth to connect with artists and elders to create costumed alter egos by combining Native regalia and Star Wars motifs. The project culminated in a performance battle, Smart Wars, where youth costumed as their alter egos fought racist mascots portrayed by the comedy group The 1491s at Indigenous Peoples … Read More

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January 19, 2017

20 Questions for the Art/Business of Life

Reflections from a Forecast grantee

Forecast recently invited 2016 Emerging Artist Research & Development grantee Eric F. Avery to write a blog for our website reflecting on the grant year.   I recently wrapped up working on a Research and Development Grant from Forecast and was invited to write a blog post. Initially, I was thinking I would write about public … Read More

September 9, 2016

Finalists for Forecast Public Art’s 2017 Mid-Career Project Grant

Forecast Public Art announces five finalists for its annual Mid-Career Project Grant: Roger Cummings, Sam Gould, Rock Martinez, Anna Metcalfe, and Willicey Tynes. A $50,000 grant will be awarded to one of these Minnesota-based mid-career public artists in mid-December to produce a significant project developed independently by the artist at a site of their choosing … Read More

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July 20, 2016

THIS HOME IS NOT FOR SALE Receives National Recognition

Forecast grantee project recognized in Public Art Network Year in Review

Forecast is proud to announce that Witt Siasoco’s public art project THIS HOME IS NOT FOR SALE was selected and recognized as part of the Americans for the Arts 2016 Public Art Network Year in Review. The project was selected by jurors Lucas Antony Cowan, Franka Diehnelt and Constance White and was publicly presented on Friday, … Read More

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July 18, 2016

Don’t You Feel It Too?

Healing Week: August 8-12, 2016

Don’t You Feel It Too? (DYFIT) is the practice of dancing your inner life in public for social healing and personal liberation. It is an artistic mind-body practice that explores the intersection of performance, protest, spirituality, and civic belonging. Participants report feeling stress relief, compassion, confidence, and oneness with their surroundings. From August 8-12, 5:30-7:15 … Read More

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May 17, 2016

$50,000 Mid-Career Project Grant

New Public Art by a Minnesota-based Mid-Career Public Artist!

Forecast Public Art’s Mid-Career Project Grant supports mid-career public artists to create an artist-initiated dream project! Furthering the careers of Minnesota-based public artists, this grant provides an opportunity for artists to develop a new project anywhere in the state of Minnesota. Next Application Deadline: July 12, 2016 Learn more about the grant opportunity and application process here! … Read More

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March 31, 2016

2013 Grantee Melisande Charles

Independent Filmmaker Project MN captures the stories of Forecast grantees

2013 Mid-Career Project grantee Melisande Charles created a web-based project that sought to highlight the recent closures of many of Minnesota’s Post Offices. Through a variety of community engagement processes, outreach, and online resources her project gathered designs from MN artists for stamps, postcards, and posters. To learn more about the project, visit     Visit our Vimeo channel for more … Read More

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March 15, 2016

2015 Grantee Olivia Levins Holden

Independent Filmmaker Project MN captures the stories of Forecast grantees

2015 Emerging Artist Project Grant recipient Olivia Levins Holden worked closely with youth interns and local social justice organizations to create a large mural at 4200 Cedar Avenue in Minneapolis. The mural is the final and tangible product of a year-long process supported by the team of interns and bolstered by community conversations and painting … Read More

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February 25, 2016

Cross-Poll-Igniting – VIDEO

Making It Public grant recipient Carolina Borja writes about her project

Carolina Borja is a 2015 Making It Public grant recipient.  The idea of using cross-pollination as a metaphor came up while pondering on the unique relationship that we as individuals have with the organizations we work for. During the summer I had the pleasure and privilege to attend Forecast’s Making it Public Workshop. I had … Read More

Carolina Borja | Artist Grants

February 18, 2016

2015 Grantee Christopher Lutter-Gardella

Independent Filmmaker Project MN captures the stories of Forecast grantees

2015 Mid-Career Professional Development grantee Christopher Lutter-Gardella built upon his experience constructing large scale puppets to explore abstract forms and expand his artistic practice into the public realm. Using discarded plastic as a medium, during the grant year he honed a method of crafting forms that reference both the human figure and human consumption. His … Read More

December 16, 2015

Forecast awards $86,000 in grants to Minnesota-based artists

Forecast Public Art is pleased to announce its 2016 grant recipients. The $50,000 Mid-Career Project Grant goes to artist Marcus Young. Ashley Fairbanks and Rory Wakemup were each awarded $8000 Emerging Artist Project Grants. Malia Burkhart and Andrea Ellen Reed received $5000 Mid-Career Professional Development Grants. Laryssa Husiak, Eric Avery, Mayumi Amada, and a team comprised … Read More

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