Artist Grants

January 19, 2017

20 Questions for the Art/Business of Life

Reflections from a Forecast grantee

Forecast recently invited 2016 Emerging Artist Research & Development grantee Eric F. Avery to write a blog for our website reflecting on the grant year.   I recently wrapped up working on a Research and Development Grant from Forecast and was invited to write a blog post. Initially, I was thinking I would write about public … Read More

December 21, 2016

Announcing our 2017 Grantees!

Forecast Public Art grants more than $92,000 to Minnesota-based artists

  ST. PAUL, MN — Forecast is excited to announce our 2017 grant recipients!  Sam Gould was awarded our $50,000 Mid-Career Project Grant, designed for mid-career public artists. Essma Imady and Aaron Johnson-Ortiz were each awarded an $8,000 Emerging Artist Project Grant. Moheb Soliman and Works Progress (Shanai Matteson and Colin Kloecker) each received $5,000 Mid-Career Professional … Read More

Forecast Public Art | Artist Services Projects

February 18, 2016

2015 Grantee Christopher Lutter-Gardella

Independent Filmmaker Project MN captures the stories of Forecast grantees

2015 Mid-Career Professional Development grantee Christopher Lutter-Gardella built upon his experience constructing large scale puppets to explore abstract forms and expand his artistic practice into the public realm. Using discarded plastic as a medium, during the grant year he honed a method of crafting forms that reference both the human figure and human consumption. His … Read More

December 2, 2015

2014 Grantee Emily Stover

Independent Filmmaker Project MN captures the stories of Forecast grantees

With support from Forecast’s Jerome Research & Development Grant, artist Emily Stover explored corn as both a medium for creating art and a topic for study and conversation. Corn has expanded across the American landscape over the past century and has had a major impact on products and livelihoods. Emily’s project asks her audience to consider these and many other … Read More

November 19, 2015

Find Me Hide Me

Making it Public grant recipients reflect on the public art process

I spend my days in the background of the art world, acting as a resource for working artists. I assist with grant applications, respond to calls for public art, build and update websites, and provide them with social media marketing. I do not plan my own public art projects. So when the Forecast staff announced … Read More

October 15, 2015

Workshop: Permits and Permissions

Artists visit with Mary Altman, Public Arts Administrator for the City of Minneapolis

Permission in public art is a complex part of the public art process. On October 6, Mary Altman, Public Art Administrator for the City of Minneapolis, shed light on those complexities during a workshop at Forecast Public Art. Attending artists were able to ask questions that will allow them to more easily navigate the city systems … Read More

September 9, 2015

Richfield Artist Resident Engagement (RARE) Update

What does it mean to make public art happen in spaces and places that lie at the margin between used and unused or undeveloped? Who gets invited? Who responds? Who just wanders in? What does it mean to make a specific place viable, vibrant, interesting and relevant to the surrounding community when that particular place … Read More

Becca Barniskis | Artist Services Projects

September 3, 2015

Taxes, Copyright and Retirement

Guest speakers share insights with Forecast grantees

Minneapolis – On August 18, Forecast grantees heard presentations designed to help them plan effectively and make the most of their work as artists. Beth Franklin from Fox Tax walked grantees through key tax considerations for artists, from the designation of art as hobby versus business to profits and deductions, record keeping and LLC status.  Check out Fox … Read More

July 14, 2015

2014 Grantee Mankwe Ndosi

Independent Filmmaker Project MN captures the stories of Forecast grantees

2014 McKnight Project grantee Mankwe Ndosi developed partnerships, events, and residencies in Minneapolis’ Phillips neighborhood for her project Soundtrack of Phillips. Through these multiple forms of engagement, she explored the connections, questions, and pride that can develop when community members go beyond the visual to engage with each other and their neighborhood by opening their … Read More

June 25, 2015

The Blind Spot on the Urban Planning Map

Artist residency as part of RARE: Richfield Artist Resident Engagement

Artist Witt Siasoco discusses his artist residency as part of the RARE: Richfield Artist Resident Engagement project where he plans to experiment with skateboarding and visual art to reach youth.   I’m sitting here in my temporary studio, the basement of a dilapidated strip mall, thinking about the project that I will undertake this summer with Forecast Public … Read More

March 26, 2015

2014 Grantee Jessica Hirsch

Independent Filmmaker Project MN captures the stories of Forecast grantees

Jessica Hirsch used her emerging artist Project Grant to build a dodecahedron–a 12-sided structure–to serve as a functional and meditation space for the Black Dog Hill Shelter. As construction progressed, residents grew more involved in the project, with kids working daily alongside the artist both developing their own skills and helping to create a new community … Read More

March 24, 2015

2014 Grantee Ady Olson

Independent Filmmaker Project MN captures the stories of Forecast grantees

Inspired by the idea that the world is more complex than one might often believe, Planning Grant recipient Ady Olson sought to develop a project idea connecting art and science. From the starting point of plant intelligence, her research led to polygraphs, prototypes, and conversations.     Visit our Vimeo channel for more Forecast/Independent Filmmaker Project MN collaborative … Read More