Open Space/Open Bar

February 21, 2013

Open Space/Open Bar

Placemaking Discussion

On Thursday, January 17, Forecast Public Art invited a diverse group of community members that had a vested interest in the concept of “placemaking” to engage in an open dialogue. The goal of this event was to host a cross sector conversation to inspire collaboration, knowledge sharing and community growth. Over 50 participants showed up … Read More

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Avalon High School Documentary

January 1, 2013

A Public Art Documentary

by students from Avalon Heights High School

Six students from Avalon High School in Saint Paul, Minnesota explore the importance of public art (spaghetti western style) with cameos of Seitu Jones, Marcus Young and Lisa Elias among others! Made in collaboration with IFP Media Arts and Forecast Public Art, both non-profits located near Avalon in the University/Raymond neighborhood. In the end, the … Read More

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Deacon Warner

December 27, 2012

Meet the Teaching Artists

Deacon Warner, Mike Hazard and Rachel Jendrzewski

Forecast had the opportunity to work with an amazing group of teaching artists this fall through the Public Art in the Schools initiative. We wanted to share more about them. Deacon Warner is the Youth Program Director for IFP Media Arts.   He teaches documentary video production through residencies at high schools in St Paul and … Read More

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LEAP High School Students

November 28, 2012

Leap High School

Installation Collaboration with Media Mike Hazard

Saint Paul, Minn. – Leap High School worked with Media Mike Hazard in the fall of 2012 to create a picture-story installation for the Hamline Library in which photo and story align as one. Students distributed their art guerilla style throughout the public library and out in the community. The project represents a deep collaboration between visual arts educator … Read More

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Creative Arts High School

October 5, 2012

Creative Arts High School

Multidisciplinary Installation

Minneapolis, Minn. – Creative Arts High School is working with performance artist and playwright Rachel Jendrzewski creating a multidisciplinary installation and will be opening up the site to the public in December. Details will be posted on the Facebook page. Coming 2013, Forecast will be sharing stories about the public art experiences listed above plus much more! Available online … Read More

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