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March 25, 2014

Bringing the Biennale Home

What the director of an American sculpture park learned in Venice

My primary goal at Laumeier Sculpture Park is to use the whole space and history of St. Louis as a platform for artistic research, using the rubric “archaeology of place” to guide our thematic shows. This notion has helped us commission work by artists from around the globe—Matts Leiderstam (Sweden), Ken Lum (Canada), Tea Mäkipää … Read More

Marilu Knode | On Location, Public Art Review

November 26, 2013

Elevate Week 2013

Atlanta, Ga. (October 18-26, 2013) - SLIDE SHOW – For one week every year, muralists, performance artists, musicians, and installation artists bring their creativity to downtown Atlanta as part of Elevate Week, an event curated by the Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs. For this year’s event, artists responded to the theme “Transit: Time, People & Places,” showcasing … Read More

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November 14, 2013

Art in Odd Places

New York, N.Y. – SLIDE SHOW – Art in Odd Places (AiOP) returned to 14th street in Manhattan for its ninth annual festival October 11-20. This year’s theme was Number. “From bank balances to checks and balances, votes to foreclosures, inflation to recession… [numbers] demand our continual attention, molding the experience of our everyday…. In … Read More

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November 5, 2013

The Curator-Driven Public Art Festival

Capital as Context: 5x5 in Washington D.C.

Washington, D.C. – As the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C., combines instantly recognizable symbols of national and international significance with an urban environment that is rich, diverse, and complex. But, like many other U.S. cities, aspects of the District of Columbia’s urban realm have been ignored and forsaken. And although Washington is a nexus of public … Read More

Ronit Eisenbach and Welmoed Laanstra | Magazine Feature, On Location, Public Art Review

October 28, 2013

Revelations in the Ruhr Valley

Community, industry, and creativity in the 2010 European Capital of Culture

Expecting an unremitting industrial landscape, urban to its last brick, I was pleasantly surprised by the Ruhr Valley. This elongated segment of geography, named the European Capital of Culture for 2010, which stretches east to west with a scattering of towns, is by no means relentlessly urban or constantly industrial. Instead, it is wrapped in … Read More

October 14, 2013

Viva la Evolution

U.S. artists invited to Cuba's 11th Havana Biennial discover a community passionately engaged in social practice

Cuba is full of the unpredictable. With the loosening of restrictions on travel, free enterprise, and artistic expression, the country has experienced a remarkable boom in cultural production. Even more unusual is the warm welcome that was extended to artists from the Northern Hemisphere to participate in the Havana Biennial, which until recently was restricted … Read More

Lauren Elder, Kate Connell, and Oscar Melara. Catherine Sicot contributed to this story. | Magazine Feature, On Location, Public Art Review

September 17, 2013

Art and Shopping

The Fashion Outlets of Chicago integrates site-specific works by 11 artists

Chicago – In order to bring art to enliven the walls and spaces of the Fashion Outlets of Chicago as it was being built, developers of the multilevel outlet shopping center partnered with the newly-founded, Chicago-based collective The Arts Initiative, which brings art to public and private places. Primary Projects, the Miami-based curator of the project, … Read More

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June 17, 2013

Public Art / Public Works 1

St. Paul brings public artists into City Hall as partners in creating the city

St. Paul, Minnesota, is spearheading a quiet revolution in public art. A 2009 city ordinance includes artists in the regulations by which the city makes and remakes itself. Here, artists don’t merely make sculptures and murals to adorn the urban landscape; they have a meaningful role in city government and participate in the conception, development, … Read More

Susannah Schouweiler | On Location, Public Art Review

May 21, 2013

San Francisco’s International Orange Exhibition

Past and Present: Artists respond to the Golden Gate and Fort Point

San Francisco, Calif. – In 2012, San Francisco celebrated the 75th anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge with International Orange, a major exhibition and public art project. One of the 16 artists involved in the exhibition was Andy Freeberg. For his photographic installation called Gatekeepers, Freeberg created a series of images of the bridge’s numerous … Read More

May 20, 2013

Cambodia’s Public Art Scene

Healing Arts in Cambodia: In spite—or because—of its troubled past and uncertain future, Cambodia boasts a burgeoning public art scene

Cambodia – During a slow-moving ride through traffic in a tuk-tuk—a motorcycle taxi with an attached open cart for passengers—one has ample opportunity to survey the bland and decorative public art of Cambodia’s cities. It’s the kind of art that can be seen in most cities anywhere on the globe. Cambodia’s tends toward realistic and … Read More

Jane Ingram Allen | On Location, Public Art Review