Public Art Review

July 14, 2014

The Accidental Environmentalist

Mary Jo Aagerstoun, founder of EcoArt South Florida, gives an update on her work

The wet, low-lying landscape of southern Florida is fertile ground for ecological restoration: Many of the area’s natural water systems have been dammed, diked, drained, or polluted; nearby ocean waters face serious environmental threats; and the region is especially vulnerable to the effects of hurricanes and climate change. These critical issues are partly what prompted … Read More

Keith Goetzman | Public Art Review, Shop Talk

July 2, 2014

Things Fall Apart

Art conservator Robert Lodge discusses his work on public sculptures

What happens to public artworks after the ribbon-cutting ceremony is over, the press flashbulbs have dimmed, and the artists and their contractors have moved on to the next project? Of course, everyone hopes the piece becomes a beloved icon of the public it serves. Loved or loathed, however, public artworks suffer the same fate as … Read More

Joseph Hart | Public Art Review, Shop Talk

June 11, 2014

Vibrancy Indicators

Positive Vibrations: How do you measure vibrancy?

Don’t talk to Shanai Matteson about “vibrant” communities. It’s a loaded term, according to the artist and co-founder with Colin Kloecker of Works Progress, a public art and design studio based in Minnesota. “The danger of the idea of vitality or vibrancy is when one person’s concept is the norm,” she explains. “So every neighborhood … Read More

February 26, 2014

Proving the Healthful Benefits of Art

In the budget-lean recession years, hospital art programs, like arts initiatives everywhere, have faced increasing pressure to prove a practical, measurable value. While many general public art programs focus on concepts like cultural capital, hospitals’ unique healing mission has led in a different direction: the same double-blind experimentation used to evaluate healing therapies from drugs … Read More

January 25, 2014

Triggering Change

An experimental public art project in Maine leads to a call-to-action

In 1990, I bought a former coastal town dump on Vinalhaven Island, a fishing village in the Gulf of Maine 13 miles out to sea. I built a modest residence on the land and began the work of ecosystem restoration. When I first arrived, the location was remote in winter, cut off from the mainland … Read More

Aviva Rahmani | Public Art Review, Shop Talk

October 14, 2013

How to Land a Commission

Percent for Whom? Understanding the public art selection process.

As both an artist and a public arts administrator, I have a unique perspective on the snags and successes of securing public art commissions. A hundred artists may apply for a given opportunity—but only one can succeed. Who wins—and why? The answer, of course, varies from project to project. But after reviewing hundreds of applications, … Read More

Elizabeth Keithline | Public Art Review, Shop Talk

September 24, 2013

9 Reasons Cities Need Artists During Disasters

Why cities should call on artists to help with disaster relief and recovery efforts

1. Artists have proven their willingness to help in many ways, from rubbish removal to performance, by volunteering in massive numbers after disasters like 9/11, Sandy, Katrina, and the Japanese tsunami. 2. They are often media-savvy and can set up effective online resources to connect people and coordinate local relief and recovery efforts, including handling … Read More

August 28, 2013

Me-to-We Design

Museum director Nina Simon gives tips for building a successful participatory art project

Santa Cruz, Calif. – Nina Simon is the executive director of the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History and the author of The Participatory Museum. In both capacities, she’s become a leading voice in the dialogue about the changing role of museums in the community. In the preface to her book (which is available … Read More

Joseph Hart | Public Art Review, Shop Talk

August 27, 2013

Public Art Publicity Primer

12 ideas for marketing your work

It is a challenge to produce effective marketing strategies for public art projects and programs. Public art administrators and artists are faced with limited resources; we all wish we had more time, money, and capacity. How do we go beyond websites and Facebook pages and get the word out? The following is a compilation of … Read More

Eylsian McNiff | Public Art Review, Shop Talk

June 8, 2013

Alejandro Haiek Coll: An Interview

Co-designer of Tiuna el Fuerte Cultural Park, winner of the International Award for Public Art

Alejandro Haiek Coll lives in Caracas, Venezuela. In his architectural design work, he is more interested in “the design of a logistic chain of events than to the massive construction.” His projects, which often have a strong social component, have focused on the renewal and resuscitation of inactive landscapes, revival of urban soils, and the … Read More

Interview by Jack Becker | Public Art Review, Shop Talk