On April 2nd, Forecast invited people from across sectors to a dialogue focused on the “intersection of underutilized  public spaces and the private good”. Using a faciliation formula called Open Space Technology that relies on self organization of the experiences and expertise in the room, participants identified and hosting small group conversations on topics that related to the theme.

Joan Vorderbruggen  is the coordinator of the Hennepin Theatre Trust’s new storefront revitalization program MadeHere and the founder and director of Artists in Storefronts. Joan focuses her abundant energy on filling vacant and underutilized spaces with artwork, enlivening and activating the spaces and collaborating with artists. Inspired by artists like Joan who are working to enliven vacant public spaces, we focused our conversation on vacant spaces and how artists can play a role in activating them.

The best part is that we were able to host our event inside Ta-Coumba Aiken‘s Pop-Up Gallery, Tacoumba 123. . . GO!, an actual pop-up gallery in the middle of downtown Minneapolis.

OpenSpace/OpenBar is a Community Program of Forecast Public Art. Community engagement at Forecast is focused on idea generation, connectivity and synergy. Bringing people together fosters innovation, ideas and connections. Engagements with Forecast utilize creative facilitation techniques that engage participants in deep dialogue, problem solving and critical thinking about issues related to public art.

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