Minneapolis, Minn. – On May 6th,┬áSarah Peters, artist and Associate Director of Northern Spark and Director of Public Engagement, Northern Lights.mn, guided Scrambler participants through an exploration of temporary public art. The topic for the day was decided at the Scrambler Incubator, a community brainstorming session held at Forecast in February of 2014.

The session opened with a presentation filled with examples of temporary, participatory and site specific work. Post presentation, participants engaged in an activity creating their own plan for a temporary piece and were asked to consider how, why, what and where of temporary public art. They explored the opportunities and constraints using a simple Forecast Public Art worksheet. The ideas were rich and the goal of expanding our knowledge of temporary public art was met.

The Twin Cities Public Art Scrambler invites people working in the field of public art and practice to connect, network and learn together. The events are focused on the ideas, issues and questions that arise in public creative work and will be collaboratively defined by the participants who attend.

This event is made possible through the generous support of the McKnight Foundation.