Roosevelt High School – Minneapolis, MN: Between 2012-’14 Forecast Public Art partnered with teachers and students at Roosevelt High School in the Standish-Ericsson neighborhood of South Minneapolis, MN along with artist Randy Walker, to design and place an interactive public art sculpture on school grounds. Forecast was interested in helping the school community become more aware of public art by leading the planning and design process. Randy Walker, who lives near Roosevelt high school, wanted to explore ways to make his creative process more visible to the community. This project represented a new level of collaboration between Forecast, an artist, and a school to successfully create and install a permanent piece of public art.

“Connections Gallery” was a complicated but highly successful residency project involving multiple classroom partners, funding sources, and stakeholders. Forecast and its partners delivered a permanent, outdoor gallery sculpture and space that could be constantly reinvented, was accessible to all, and that they could use to find connections in their academic learning.

See the complete log of Forecast’s residency documents for “Connections Gallery.”

Read more about our process developing and implementing Connections Gallery, a public art residency:

Beginnings of Connection Gallery: designing a permanent piece of public art.

Project goals for Connections Gallery.

Designing a project process for Connections Gallery.

Classroom work for Connections Gallery.

Final outcomes for Connections Gallery residency.

Project challenges for Connection Gallery.

Collaborator’s impressions on Connection Gallery.

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