Don’t You Feel It Too? (DYFIT) is the practice of dancing your inner life in public for social healing and personal liberation. It is an artistic mind-body practice that explores the intersection of performance, protest, spirituality, and civic belonging. Participants report feeling stress relief, compassion, confidence, and oneness with their surroundings.

From August 8-12, 5:30-7:15 p.m. each day, the Don’t You Feel It Too? practice will explore the topic of Healing. Experts with various perspectives on healing will join us in our movement-based, whole-body learning. Grab some headphones, listen to music you LOVE, and dare to dance! All sessions start at Peavey Plaza in Minneapolis. Come one day or multiple days. All are welcome.

  • Monday: “Neuroscience and Dance” with psychotherapist Katheleen Avila
  • Tuesday: “Wise, Wild, and Free” with Qoya teacher Colleen LaSota
  • Wednesday: “Dancing through Divorce” with behavioral artist Aki Shibata
  • Thursday: “Zen Joy of Movement” with Zen guiding teacher Sosan Flynn
  • Friday: “Claiming Space to Heal” with choreographer and dancer Ananya Chatterjea

The Don’t You Feel It Too? schedule is subject to change. Visit for updates and learn about our ongoing weekly practices.

Artist Marcus Young is the 2016 recipient of Forecast Public Art’s Mid-Career Project grant, funded by The McKnight Foundation. Over the upcoming year and a half, he will develop the learnings and practices cultivated through DYFIT through large scale events, explorations with a cohort of dancer-healer-activists, and a 100-year plan for the practice.