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Summer film screenings on Forecast grantees

Short films on Forecast grantees are opening for The Commons 2017 Summer Series [1]. Bring a blanket and a friend for a series of free Thursday night open air screenings!
Events start at 7pm, with all short films airing at 7:15PM, opening for the listed features. The Commons is located at 425 Portland Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55488.


June 29 2015 Grantee – Tamsie Ringler. Nicole Brending (dir).
English | 5 mins   Opened E.T.: the extra terrestrial
2015 Grantee – Tamsie Ringler
Sculptor Tamsie Ringler discusses her work as a “quietly political artist” while staging an iron pour of the Mississippi River watershed. Ringler used mid-career professional development funding from Forecast to build a mobile foundry that she used to pour River of Iron: Pouring the Mississippi at the 2015 Northern Spark festival. Calling attention to environmental concerns over Minnesota’s frac sand mining industry, Ringler’s performative pour used the imagery of a river of fire to invite audiences to reflect, question, and consider the river’s central role as an artery for the region.


July 27 – Filling the Void. John Akre (dir).
English | 5 mins   Opens La La Land
2012 Grantee – Randy Walker
A documentary by John Akre about a public art project created by Randy Walker in collaboration with the youth of Kulture Klub Collaborative at YouthLink in Minneapolis. The resulting permanent steel sculpture is a dynamic work of colored fibers that are routinely re-configured by youth at Kulture Klub.


August 10 — Cecilia Schiller – R & D Grant. Matt Ehling (dir).
English | 4 mins   Opens The Incredibles
2013 Grantee Cecilia Schiller
Cecilia Schiller creates and installs a water-driven kinetic sculpture in a Ramsey Washington Metro Watershed District rain garden at Maplewood Mall. Schiller is a wood carver and sculptor who creates interactive pieces with gears and cranks. This project combines Schiller’s on-going investigation into producing interactive sculptures for the public sphere with the RWMWD’s interest in furthering community education and involvement in water quality issues through the vehicle of public art.


August 24 2016 Emerging Artist Project Grantee Rory Wakemup. John Gwinn (dir).
English | 6 mins   Opens Casablanca
2016 Grantee Rory Wakemup
Artist Rory Wakemup invites audiences to reconsider American Indian identity and history through his design and creation of unique costumes that combine traditional Native regalia with futuristic Star Wars style motifs. Youth participated in artist-led workshops to make their alter-ego costumes which were used in a performance at the Smart Wars Indigenous Day powwow to defeat racist mascots played by the comedy group The 1491s.