Forecast is excited to announce the six finalists for our annual Mid-Career Project Grant: Phillip Espinoza Day, Tana Hargest, Greta McLain, Karl Unnasch, Pramila Vasudevan, and the team of Delina White, Sage Davis and Lavendar Hunt.


Each of the six finalists will receive $1,000 to prepare a proposal on their project to be presented in early December to an independent panel of local, regional and national professionals with expertise in the field of public art. Following these presentations, the panel will select one of the six Minnesota-based mid-career public artists to receive a $50,000 project grant.

The selected project will take place in Minnesota; it will begin in January 2018 and will be completed within approximately 18 months.

This is the seventh annual Mid-Career Project Grant to be awarded by Forecast. Previous grant awardees are: Randy Walker, Melisande Charles, Mankwe Ndosi, Seitu Jones, Marcus Young, and Sam Gould. For this grant, mid-career artists are defined as being recognized by their peers and arts professionals, having produced an independent body of work and having a record of commissions, projects or exhibitions.

Forecast is able to award these Mid-Career Project Grants annually thanks to generous funding from the McKnight Foundation.

Forecast awards grants to both early- and mid-career artists in Minnesota to support innovation and risk taking through artist-initiated projects, leadership development and professional development in the field of public art. Applications for Forecast’s additional public art grants, supported by The McKnight Foundation and the Jerome Foundation, are due October 17, 2017. Click here for more information. 


2018 Mid-Career Project Grant Finalists and Proposed Projects


Phillip Espinoza Day, The Lowrider Garage Project

The project proposed by Phillip Espinoza is The Lowrider Garage Project. If selected, the project would focus on the art car of the Chican@/Latnix art world, the Lowrider! The project would work with a cohort of five Twin Cities youth/young adults, providing access to this struggling art form, and would finish with an unveiling of the art car at the Soundset 2019 Festival in Minneapolis.


Tana Hargest, Survival System

The project proposed by Tana Hargest is Survival System. If selected, Survival System would be an interdisciplinary public art action involving group meditation, sousveillance, and community-determined accountability, policing, and peace building. Survival System would seek to serve all those suffering from anxiety and discontent, and to explore public art’s potential for healing, self-care and community-care.


Greta McLain, Homecoming

The project proposed by Greta McLain is to create her first multi-story, high-rise mural in the Seward Neighborhood of Minneapolis. If selected, the project would explore how art can bring communities together, the power of visual language to activate voice, and the potential of art as a vehicle for hands-on organizing and educating. As part of the project, McLain would collaborate with Seward and Cedar-Riverside residents and be guided by Philadelphia-based artist Betsy Casañas on fabrication.


Karl Unnasch, In Communicado

The project proposed by Karl Unnasch is In Communicado. If selected, In Communicado would be a mobile artwork: a stained-glass-accoutered vehicle serving as a high-profile, transmutable stage and web-streaming device for The Theater of Public Policy (T2P2), a noted Minnesota-based political improvisational troupe. T2P2 would utilize this art-bus to tour Minnesota and engage rural sector audiences via comedy, satire, interviews and discussions, focusing on lucid communication and understanding through compassionate humor.


Pramila Vasudevan, There | Here

The project proposed by Pramila Vasudevan is There | Here, a durational public performance project investigating the impact of systematic information gathering on the body, in our everyday lives, and through our communities. If selected, this piece would feature 100 performers for five hours at dusk on one side of a three-level parking ramp. Audiences would experience the work from outside, witnessing the striking image of bodies across all three levels at once, or go inside to experience a more intimate, immersive environment.


Delina White, Sage Davis, and Lavendar Hunt, Of Cloth and Beads

The project proposed by Delina White, Sage Davis, and Lavendar Hunt is Of Cloth and Beads. If selected, for this project, the beadwork artists would partner with Anishinaabe apparel designers to present a show of cultural apparel, accessories and jewelry combined with a historical photographic journey. This show would then inspire a modern collection of traditional Native Woodland style men’s and women’s apparel from the Great Lakes region.


This Forecast Mid-Career Project Grant opportunity is made possible by generous funding from the McKnight Foundation