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By supporting Forecast, you become a part of all we do—and we’re a community of doers. In 2017, we went on the ground in Hawaii to manage an artist residency that increased the Honolulu homeless community’s sense of pride in their role as recyclers, engaged Minneapolis elementary students in making a community-driven mural, published an internationally distributed magazine that thousands trust to keep them informed, took our 40 years of expertise across the nation via consulting projects, and the list goes on!

We will keep this momentum going into 2018 with plenty of new and impactful initiatives. Your continued support of our work will make it all possible! [2]

At Forecast, we intentionally invest our efforts where they will make the most impact, and we take the lead in exploring and facing current and critical issues, both in our field and broadly. This sets us apart and makes the work we do in communities and the information we share relevant, relied upon and all the more important. When you give to Forecast, you can be confident your contribution is making the most difference possible. 

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In honor of our upcoming 40th anniversary, we are expanding our Steward level benefits in 2018. Any gift of $500 or more will gain you access to exclusive anniversary celebrations, sneak peeks of new initiatives and a complimentary copy of our anniversary edition of Public Art Review.