Forecast is pleased to announce the artists selected to participate in the fourth year of Making It Public, our two-day intensive workshop designed to help artists learn how to create public art.

Designed for any studio practice/artistic approach (screen printing, sculpture, community engagement, painting and more), Making It Public offers artists new to the field of public art:

  • Guest presentations from local artists and public art professionals
  • Discussions on the field, profession, history, and contemporary issues in public art
  • Explorations of your professional practice and possibilities in public art,
  • Pairing with a public art mentor


2017 Participants

Gail Bahner
Gail would like a better understanding of the process and opportunities in public art.

Olivia Bain
Olivia would like to learn more about grants and proposal information, as well as hear about project development and management.

Caron Bell
Caron wants to get more organized, and create strategic plans for future projects.

Elisa Berry Fonseca
Elisa wants to come away with a clear and achievable path that will eventually end in obtaining a public art commission.

Alexandra Betzler
Alexandra wants to have a solid foundation from which to begin a public art project with many stakeholders involved, and is interested in connecting with more artists in the community.

Daniela Bianchini
Daniela is looking to receive inside from advanced artists on how to pursue a career as a public artist.

Elizabeth Blair
Elizabeth is looking for a definition of what public art actually is, as well as how current and future projects can become more “public.”

Nelly Bonilla
Nelly is interested in learning how to continue doing public art, and resources for funding.

Zoe Cinel
Zoe wants to start thinking of how sculptures and installation works could function in a public space outside of a gallery and what are the factors to consider when making something site-specific and accessible to an unmeasurable number of people.

Matthew Harris
Matthew wants to learn how to channel an expansive view of public art/creative public engagement by taking in lessons from the workshops community of thinkers and doers, and gather more practical and conceptual tools with which to work.

Michelle Kiley
Michelle wants to investigate her ability to be a public artist.

Ben Lansky
Ben wants to apply the way he works and sees the world to a public setting and potentially towards a participatory framework.

Eric Larson
Eric would like to gain a greater understanding of the public art infrastructure in the Twin Cities, from artists engaged in the practice.

Erin Lavelle
Erin is hoping to learn about opportunities locally, hear about the exciting things other artists are doing in the public sphere, and meeting potential collaborators.

BrieAnna Lindquist
BrieAnna would like to learn more about resources in the city, meet with other people who are also interested, and feel empowered to make public art.

Zahra Muse
Zahra hopes to gain more knowledge about all aspects of the process.

Joshua Norton
Joshua is looking for ways of funding projects, advice on approaching landowners, matching projects with locations, and learning about some of the pitfalls and unexpected considerations when creating public works.

Carly Odegard
Carly would like to be able to learn more about public art and how to transfer or think differently about ideas that she creates in ceramics and painting and apply the ideas to other qualities of art.

Juan Jose Palacios
Juan Jose wants to dedicate time to think about “public art” and what it means to a sculptor.

Bianca Janine Pettis
Bianca wants to learn how to collaborate with site owners.

Jason Quick
Jason wants to be able to envision a roadmap for implementing public art projects that involve active play.

Emmett Ramstad
Emmett would like to learn about how artists are setting about planning artworks for public audiences, and how they are using traditional and untraditional means to solicit participation and reflect community art needs.

Connor Rice
Connor would like to take away a firm understanding of the process of getting from a proposal to finished piece.

Hawona Sullivan Janzen
Hawona is hungry to find more ways to connect with communities and give their stories back to them and to share their stories with the world.

Moya Sun
Moya would like to practice how to come up with a impressive proposal with a collective group in a short period of time.

Sara Udvig
Sara is looking for an expanded network of artists along with the how to’s and who to talk to’s of Saint Paul based Public Art.

Katie Ka Vang
Katie is hoping for exposure to other projects, specifically their process, and discussions in the field.


The Making It Public workshop series is made possible by the Saint Paul Cultural STAR Program and Lowertown Future Fund.