Forecast Public Art | Artist Services

Artists are at the center of our work.

We’re committed to supporting artists throughout their careers, from creation of their first work of public art to ongoing technical assistance, support, grants, and workshops for all skill levels, resulting in more than $100,000 going directly to artists every year.

  • Grants: Forecast offers grant opportunities for emerging and mid-career artists.
  • Workshops and events: We offer a variety of workshops and events to help you build your skills as a public artist.
  • Individual support: Our experienced staff consult with artists on a sliding fee basis. Artists come to Forecast seeking help with career planning, input on project proposals, project management, and logistical questions that arise during the process of creating public work.
  • Resources: Forecast’s resources include a library of thousands of books, DVDs, slides, and CDs, our Public Art Toolkit, and more.



Our Artist Services program is supported by The McKnight Foundation and Jerome Foundation.