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Making it Public workshop

Making it Public workshop

We ask hard questions and encourage you to stretch your vision and imagination further than you thought you could. Our workshops are designed to help you grow your skills as an artist and engage your interests and experiences through presentations, activities, brainstorming, and exercises.

Making It Public: The definition of contemporary public art is expansive – from permanent sculpture to temporary interventions. Artists will explore the dynamic field of public art through a series of workshops led by experienced Forecast staff and other professionals in the field. The workshops were created especially for those new to working in the public arena at a time when there are increasing invitations for artists to participate in public space design and civic engagement projects.

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Feedback from artists about our workshops

More resources are available for those interested in public art making then I had anticipated.

“The Making It Public Workshop was an engaging, informative and challenging series of five weekly meetings with guest speakers, interactive participation and homework! All thoughtfully designed with professional development at the forefront. As a participant in this workshop, and taking advantage of the one on one support from Forecast in applying for the competitive grant opportunities that came with it, has really helped me to synthesize the concepts I have been working with into an expandable and contractable living document that is adaptable to a wide range of funding opportunities. This is probably the single most important outcome for me. It has taken the frustration of trying to tailor my work to fit into a call for submissions, and shifted the focus to adapting the call for submissions to my work. Sounds simple enough, yet without this focused time, attention and support from peers & professionals I would likely not have made this crucial breakthrough in my process. Thank you Forecast!”

“Everything resonated and everything stayed. It has been a great workshop. In my particular case I was preparing for a big call at the same time as the workshop. During week three it got announced me and my project partner made it to the final round. We pitched and won! At the moment of building the pitch and polishing the proposal I was deeply sunk in the idea of public art and its particularities; appreciation of a different audience, site specific, foot traffic, purpose, time based, participatory, interactive…They all became key elements in the proposal and I feel highlighted the project in just the right way. It was a blessing to have that time be a coincidence.”

“What resonated with me during the Making It Public workshop series was gaining a basic understanding of the steps involved in creating public art, including site analysis, community engagement, permitting, conservation, proposal preparation, project management, and project ideation. After the class, a friend forwarded me a call for public art. As I read it, I realized I had a better understanding of what the call was asking for than I would have had prior to the worksop. The call (which because of the workshop I understood was an RFQ rather than an RFP) touched on all of the steps above, and I had a basic understanding of the complexity involved in each of the steps. Before the class I wouldn’t have even been able to articulate the different steps.”

“Public art doesn’t need to be a permanent fixture or a massive undertaking. It can be small and ephemeral. I don’t need to do all the work on my own. I can ask for volunteers, specialists, fabricators, or other artists for help. Materials conservation. I always love to learn more about keeping materials from degrading in the elements.”

“More resources are available for those interested in public art making then I had anticipated. Public art remains pleasantly ambiguously in definition. The process of talking about Public Art with others interested in the area was creatively inspirational and something I hope to be able to continue to do.”