On Oct. 13 and Oct. 17, 2015, join Forecast Public Art for two screenings of films featuring public art from Minnesota and around the world.


Oct. 13, 2015 at 7 p.m. at St. Anthony Main Theatre
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The Film Society of Minneapolis St Paul, in partnership with Forecast Public Art, IFP Minnesota, Artists for Public Art 1777, and the Louvre Museum presents the US Premiere of this unique program of international films exploring public art.

The films in competition were selected by a formidable list of jurors led by Wim Wenders. The program includes work by such notable artists as Niki de Saint Phalle and a piece, FILLING THE VOID, a documentary by John Akre about a public art project created by Randy Walker in collaboration with the youth of Kulture Klub Collaborative at YouthLink in Minneapolis. Noa Karavan, director and founder of the program, will travel from Paris to be in attendance at the event.

Although millions of people all around the world experience Public Art at first hand on a daily basis, many of them do not always actually “see” them.

NowYouSeeMe! is an International Public Art Short Film Contest which aims to raise the awareness of the general public to works of art in the public domain and to promote the protection of these works.

Film Lineup

  • SO DA DU¨SSELDO RF – Dir: Kuesti Fraun
    German w/ English subs | 3 min
    In all the darkness there is some light.
  • Launch Pad for Consciousness – Dir: Ezry Keydar
    English | 6 min
    In 1986, Ezra Orion, an Israeli sculptor and poet, initiated the second phase of the Mitzpe Ramon Desert Sculpture Park on the rim of the Ramon Crater. He created the work “Field of Rocks” as the largest component of the park; a 100 by 200 meters sculpture. This film presents Orion’s work, vision, perception, & concept of tectonic sculpture and its supposed emotional impact on the viewer’s conciseness. The film uses motion controlled time-lapse photography and excerpts from Orion’s book Intergalactic Sculpture (2001) to depict his work.
  • Today – Dir: Edgar Vandenbroucque
    English | 4 min
    Video clip for the song Today by New Gospel Family, on the Axe Majeur.
  • The revival of the Columns of Buren – Dir: Anne Maregiano
    French w/ English subs | 5 min
    January 8th, 2010. Opening night of the renovation of the Columns create by Daniel Buren in the Palais Royal, Paris.
  • Filling the Void – Dir: Deacon Warner; John Akre
    English | 6 min
    R. Walker created a public art sculpture in collaboration with the youth of Kuture Klub Collaborative at YouthLink in Minneapolis, an organization serving homeless youth. The resulting permanent steel sculpture is a dynamic work of colored fibers that are routinely re-configured by youth at Kuture Klub.
  • All the Data that’s to Process – Dir: Jane Nisselson
    English | 6 min
    An algorithm designed by Ben Rubin and Mark Hansen parses the real-time content of the New York Times and displays it across a array of 560 small digital screens. The data is engineered to appear in clusters of numbers, maps, questions, photo captions, crosswords and other modules. The media artwork is located in the central corridor of the New York Times Building’s ground oor lobby (620 Eighth Avenue), and it is accessible to the general public.
  • BRUUMRUUM! – Dir: Diane Toucedo
    Catalan/Spanish w/ English subs | 12 min
    BRUUMRUUM! Installation it’s like a game in the public space that plunges people into a world of sound, rythm, color forms… A great equalizer that can measure and make visible the city movements and sounds.
  • Sliding Flora – Dir: Talya Lavie
    Hebrew w/ English subs | 12 min
    Flora was born in the field, that’s what she keeps telling everyone. She is a waitress in a coffee shop that requires complex acrobatic skills. Flora cannot take it anymore. But she still hasn’t lost her dramatic talent…

MN Public Art On Screen

Oct. 17, 2015 at 1 p.m. at St. Anthony Main Theatre
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Join us for a free one-night screening of a collection of short films by IFP MN filmmakers profiling local public artists, presented by the Film Society, Forecast Public Art, and IFP MN.

Film Lineup

  • Dane Winkler – Dir: D. Lucas Langworthy
    2013 | 4 min
    Dane R. Winkler researches and experiments with various interactive mediums (projection and kinetic works) to develop public art work in rural MN.
  • Soundtrack of Phillips – Dir: Mark Wojahn
    2014 | 7 min
    Mankwe Ndosi brings her microphone onto the streets of the Phillips neighborhood in Minneapolis to create a digital soundtrack—blending her own vocal work with contributions from neighborhood residents and field recordings.
  • River of Iron – Dir: Nicole Brending
    2015 | 5 min
    Sculptor Tamsie Ringler discusses her work as a “quietly political artist” while staging an iron pour of the Mississippi River watershed.
  • Traveling Museum – Dir: Beth Peloff
    2014 | 6 min
    Public artists Lisa Bergh and Andrew Nordin bring art where it doesn’t usually go with The Traveling Museum, their mobile lab/exhibition venue for contemporary art and ideas.
  • Sara Hanson – Dir: Nick Clausen
    2013 | 5 min
    Sara Hanson creates and exhibits a mobile sculpture with an interactive time capsule component that travels into communities and public spaces.
  • Dodecahedron – Dir: Kevin Obsatz
    2014 | 6 min
    A short documentary which follows the process of artist Jess Hirsch in conceiving and executing her “Peace Haven” project, constructing a small, twelve-surfaced geometric structure to serve as a greenhouse and meditation space for the residents of the Black Dog Hill Shelter for women and children in rural Minnesota.
  • 8030 – Dir: Neha Belvalkar
    2014 | 4 min
    This film captures Mara Pelecis’s 8030 project which is an open call to the public to take photographs of 22 everyday objects to commemorate the 22 war veterans who loose their life by suicide each day. The film also captures Mara Pelecis’s inspiration and vision for the project.
  • Terri Huro: WITHIN THE SKIN – Dir: Emily Goldberg
    2013 | 7 min
    Terri Huro’s project Within the Skin is a photography project documenting tattoos, scars, and birthmarks. Huro collects the stories of the participants through her exhibits at public events like the Kanabec County Fair.
  • Todd Boss – Dir: Mike Hazard
    2012 | 6 min
    Todd Boss plans a project that will project poetry films on the facade of St Paul’s historic Union Depot.
  • Crescent Collective – Dir: John Akre
    2014 | 5 min
    Laura Bigger, Artemis Eitsen and Teréz Iacovino are the Crescent Collective, three artists working to create public art that grows food. This video looks at three prototype sculptures they made to experiment with different models of hydroponic growing systems that could be constructed in the public realm.
  • Cecilia Schiller – Dir: Matt Ehling
    2013 | 4 min
    Cecilia Schiller creates and installs a water-driven kinetic sculpture in a Ramsey Washington Metro Watershed District rain garden at Maplewood Mall.
  • Liz Miller – Dir: Mark Wojahn
    2013 | 6 min
    Liz Miller develops new materials and fabrication techniques to create Hydro Anthem, an outdoor installation in Grand Rapids, Michigan.