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We offer a wide range of services and expertise.

Roger Cumming's mural for the Wilder Foundation.

Roger Cumming’s mural for the Wilder Foundation.

With our extensive experience in all aspects of creating public art — from planning and program development, to artist selection and installation of art — we’re able to work on any project that comes our way.

We work with architects, landscape architects, urban planners, and professionals in other fields to develop strategies, create calls for artists, contract with selected artists, oversee design and construction projects, and prepare documentation.

Marjorie Pitz's "Morning Glories" at Planned Parenthood in Saint Paul

Marjorie Pitz’s “Morning Glories” at Planned Parenthood in Saint Paul

Our services are customized to the goals and scope of your project.

  • Exploring the possibilities: We help our clients see what is possible in a public art project. We’ve worked on sculptures, murals, temporary installations, large-scale plans and more. The possibilities are endless.
  • Planning: We have extensive knowledge about planning large and small scale public art projects. This includes pre-planning, defining goals and the scope of services, pre-design, site analysis, client education, public art opportunities, and providing an overview of what other similar clients have done. We often serve on landscape, urban planning, and architecture teams.
  • Artist selection: We lead the processes of selecting public artists for projects, including assembling jury panels.
  • Training and Workshops: We provide practical training and community engagement throughout the state, including our Making it Public workshop and Train the Trainer program. Learn more about our customized workshops.
  • Referrals: We can connect you to regional and national experts in the field, including artists of all disciplines, architects, fabricators, and other professionals.
  • Resources: Forecast’s resources include a library of thousands of books, DVDs, slides, and CDs, our Public Art Toolkit, and more.