Forecast’s consulting program, established in 1996, has markedly increased the presence of public art in Minnesota and beyond.

By creating collaborations between artists and communities, facilitating panel reviews, providing expert advice on materials and venues, securing permits, and performing other behind-the-scenes tasks that often become barriers to project completion, Forecast has been instrumental in ushering dozens of projects into the public realm.

As a consultant, Forecast has extensive experience in all aspects of the public art process, from planning and program development through selection and installation of artworks. We  regularly partner with community organizations and other nonprofits to incorporate artistic elements, such as murals, sculptures and creatively designed functional elements into the infrastructure of community improvements. We often team with architects, landscape architects, urban planners and professionals in other fields to develop strategies, formulate calls for artists, contract with selected artists, oversee design/construction projects and prepare documentation.

In addition to a regional and national database of artists in all disciplines, and strong connections with public art professionals throughout the country, Forecast’s resources include thousands of books, DVDs, slides, and CDs that are made available to clients as needed.

Photo of Minneapolis’s Greenway Trail plan courtesy Close Landscape Architecture.



In Public Art Review issue 48, The Art of Healing, Forecast shared stories about art that heals. Whether it’s a creative chance to focus away from pain or to communicate suffering that has no words, art offers healing to both artists and audiences. And the Twin Cities in Minnesota – with a reputation for both quality health care and innovative arts – have more art-as-healing programs than anywhere in the country.

Through this year’s consulting project for Hennepin County’s Multicultural Arts Committee, Forecast produced Creative Care: Art + Healing in the Twin Cities, a first-of-its-kind exhibition. A broad spectrum of organizations are featured in the exhibit, reflecting many artistic disciplines and approaches to healing: the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum’s Healing Arts Therapies; Children’s Hospitals and Clinics; the Emily Program, Hennepin County Medical Center’s Inspire Arts Program; Illusion Theatre; MacPhail Center for Music; Penny George Institute for Health and Healing with Z Puppets Rosenschnoz; Boynton Health Services; Amherst H. Wilder Foundation’s Adult Day Health Services. In conjunction with the exhibit, Forecast is publishing an Art and Healing Directory and producing a variety of events.

Join us from 11am to 2pm in downtown Minneapolis on November 6 for the Opening Celebration! Special noon-hour performances by Hopewell Community Choir, Illusion Theatre, and the Wilder Band at the Government Center, Public Service Level. Creative Care runs from November 4, 2013, through January 29, 2014, in the Hennepin Gallery, on the lower level of the Hennepin County Government Center in downtown Minneapolis. Find details after Nov. 1 at


  • Master Planning
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Site Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Artist Selection
  • Individual Artist Coaching
  • Contracts and Copyright
  • Educational Lectures & Presentations
  • Guided Tours
  • Community Workshops
  • Design and Production
  • Maps and Brochures
  • Resources and Toolkits

Consulting Projects

May 10, 2016

Richfield Artist Resident Engagement: Year 1 Report

Looking back on a year of artist/developer collaboration

As a 38 year old non-profit public arts organization, Forecast Public Art’s definitions of public art are always changing – with artists in the lead redefining the ways we experience and understand art in the public realm. Every year, every day, every moment, artists are exploring their connections to and redefining traditional relationships with communities, … Read More

Forecast | Consulting

January 20, 2016

Behind the Outlet 1

Public Art Installation at Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport

There’s much more to the power system than meets the eye. “Behind the Outlet,” an interactive installation by artist Arlene Birt with technical lead Kenneth Birt, highlights the story behind the everyday power outlet: showing how the amount of energy that needs to be produced is directly connected to our individual consumption habits. A series of LED-backlit steel cutouts … Read More

Forecast | Consulting

December 16, 2015

Revisiting Gordon Parks High School

Public Art in the Schools update

In 2013, Forecast collaborated with educators at Gordon Parks High School (GPHS) to integrate public art into curriculum. You can read about how  Forecast, teaching artist Peyton Scott Russell, and educators Ted Johnson  and Tom Davies worked with students to amplify student voices into the  neighborhood and community conversations about public space in our Case … Read More

Forecast | Consulting, Education

October 20, 2015

Richfield Artist Resident Engagement (RARE) Update

Notes from artist Witt Siasoco about his RARE project

Last summer was the first time that I worked with the Cornerstone Group in Richfield. Cornerstone was familiar with some of the community art projects that I had created previously, so they asked me to make something for a 150 foot wall on the backside of Lakewinds Food Co-op. The project that I created placed … Read More

Witt Siasoco | Consulting, Forecast

August 19, 2015

The 8030 Project

Mara Pelecis' veterans suicide awareness project exhibit at Hennepin County Government Center

It’s estimated that every day 22 U.S. Veterans and soldiers die by suicide — more than 8,000 individuals each year. To provide a tangible depiction of this number, and to help illustrate what that number truly means, Mara Pelecis founded The 8030 Project, a participatory public art project intended to raise awareness of these tragic deaths. With … Read More

Forecast | Consulting