The Duluth Public Arts Commission (DPAC) has hired Forecast Public Art and Creative Community Builders to facilitate the arts and culture planning process for the city, which includes conducting a survey looking at the quality of Duluth’s arts and cultural life.

An arts and culture master plan will allow us to:

  • Take stock of Duluth’s assets
  • Build on existing plans
  • Connect resources with needs
  • Strengthen the cultural sector and creative economy
  • Grow cultural tourism
  • Link artists/arts with other sectors
  • Build civic pride and leadership
  • Build on a vision for the Duluth of tomorrow

Get involved!

Take our survey and share your input about Duluth’s creative future!

Your input will be invaluable as we consider how to grow and ensure the sustainability of our vital arts and culture scene. Your thoughts and dreams are critical to this process. The Public Arts Commission of the City of Duluth is seeking public opinion for input into its master City-wide arts and culture planning process.

What do you love about Duluth?

What are your HOPES for the future of arts and culture in Duluth? What do you VALUE about current arts and culture in Duluth? Share your responses with us using the hashtag #IARTDULUTH.

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The process

The planning process began in early Spring 2015 and will continue through winter of 2015-16. At the end of the planning process, there will be a city-wide Duluth Public Art and Culture Master Plan. The process builds off other planning processes and works to dovetail with current planning processes and other City-wide goals. It includes:

  • Inventory Assets and Opportunities
  • Public and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Public Art Opportunities Identification
  • Funding and Management Planning
  • Identity Report
  • Master Plan Draft Review

An action plan will come out of the process and will include a cost analysis and timetable to serve as the roadmap for quantifying success. It will recommend:

  • Marketing efforts
  • Funding mechanisms
  • Public-private partnerships
  • Methods for assessing outcomes
  • A continuous process for monitoring goals and adjusting strategies

Duluth Public Arts Commission’s mission is to support Public Art as a community investment by preserving and promoting art in public places, and to support public art activities that benefit the citizens of Duluth; to encourage partnerships that further the awareness of beauty in our community and to support our City’s environment through public art.

Creative Community Builders is a network of planners, designers, and artists who assist place-based communities formulate visions, devise strategies, and get into gear. We help clients identify and leverage their cultural and creative assets for community revitalization and change.