Philip Blackburn will debut Landmark Soundbeam, a new multi-media public artwork in the Landmark Center in Saint Paul on August 30.

This is the second year that Minnesota Landmarks, the non-profit entity that manages, maintains and programs the historic Landmark Center, has worked with Forecast Public Art to commission a permanent piece of public art. Last year, artist Anna Metcalfe installed Letters to Landmark, a participatory engagement cum public art installation.

In the slideshow above, you can connect with Philip’s original presentation to the panel of participants who selected him from a pool of 15 candidates and learn more about what he proposed to do. Philip’s work seamlessly integrates the goals of the Landmark Center with his own unique perceptions of the space. Beyond making public art, Philip is a composer and works for the Composers Forum, which holds office space inside the Landmark Center.

The artwork highlights Philip’s own composition generated from sounds collected throughout the building. The installation includes a targeted speaker which will play this composition on a 20 minute loop inviting building visitors to step into this sonic experience for one. Additionally, an online app invites participants to attempt identification of the sounds present throughout the composition, inviting them to explore the building to try and find the source of the sounds. Give it a try here.

Special Event on August 30

Landmark Center invites you to experience the sounds of its newest permanent work of art: the Landmark Soundbeam, created by artist Philip Blackburn.

Join us in celebrating the début of the Summer Arts Discovery Residency art work, created exclusively for Landmark Center, and experience an “aural mural” of the sounds that bring Landmark Center to life every day. You’ll have an opportunity to listen to this creation and meet the artist .

Reception 5 p.m. – 7 p.m. FREE.
For more information, call 651-292-1239.