Forecast Public Art views education as a critical investment in the next generation of citizens and artists engaged in creating their own meaningful places. Public art learning empowers young people to make and care for their own places, and in turn invest in their communities with pride and a sense of identity.

Forecast’s Education program focuses on bringing people together to learn and connect around ideas, questions and concepts related to public art. Our K-12 Education Program, Public Art in the Schools, invites educators and artists into deep collaborations that result in public art making and public art curriculum to share with you (Case Studies in the navigation bar). But we aren’t limited to schools. We host workshops for all ages, lead tours and can visit your school, community or business to present on public art. We aim to serve you and your communities and tailor our programming to suit your needs.

Photo: Students from St. Paul’s LEAP High School exploring and documenting public artworks along University Avenue. Photo courtesy Media Mike Hazard.