Issue 56 — Issue 56 - Spring/Summer 2017



Public Servants

Essays grapple with the changing meaning of the “public” and the evolving roles of art


Free for the Rich?

Irish artist hacks a gallery’s admission policy in gentrification protest

Newcomers Calling

In three salvaged Times Square phone booths, you can listen to the voices of recent immigrants

Magazine Feature


Street Art Museum Update

Two new projects for housing outdoor urban art challenge the museum paradigm

The Street Museums

Can you create museums for the anarchic outdoor genre called street art? Sure, as long as they break the rules too.

On Location

Hard Work in a Hybrid Space

Public art administrators have to handle demands from multiple stakeholders, private and public—while staying true to mission (and as upbeat as possible)

Recent Projects

Lost Man Creek

by Spencer Finch and the Save the Redwoods League

Public Posts

Artist offers a way for people to express themselves post-election

Shop Talk