On Location

From Model to Monument

New York, New York (2011) – Day and night, families and cyclists, lovers and school kids, bird-watchers and solitary walkers flock to Riverside Park South, seven acres of marsh grasses, wildflowers, winding paths, sports areas, and picnic spots running alongside the Hudson River from 59th to 72nd Street in Manhattan. Now additional pleasures await them. … Read More

Repurposing the University

California (2010) – California artists and arts institutions are adjusting to downsizing in all sectors of state public programs. Scarcity can trigger unimaginative belt-tightening, but it also opens a liberal space for those on the margins to enter stage left with different propositions. In the face of economic and social instability, a new creative force … Read More


Conflict Kitchen Stirs Up Controversy

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – Since 2010, Conflict Kitchen has served the Pittsburgh community food from countries with which the United States … Read More

In Remembrance: Valerie Gladstone

We at Public Art Review were saddened by the recent passing of writer, curator, author, editor and teacher Valerie Gladstone. … Read More

New Grants for Urban Public Art Announced

“Public art projects play a vital role in bringing new energy to cities—along with new visitors and more economic activity.” … Read More

Recent Projects


Paris, France (2014) – This fall LA artist Paul McCarthy, known for his bawdy abstractions, didn’t hold back with Tree, … Read More

Solar Reserve (Tonopah, Nevada) 2014

Attention gamers, programmers and landscape artists! Lincoln Center, in association with Public Art Fund, recently opened their new digital commission … Read More

New Media Night 2014

The third annual New Media Night Festival, which celebrates temporary, site-specific light and sound art, brought some exceptionally progressive public … Read More


Creative Refuge

A new book sheds light on participatory art projects with children. Creative Refuge is part research catalog/part education manual from … Read More

Art & Place: Site-specific Art of the Americas

From Canada to Argentina, Art & Place: Site-specific Art of the Americas takes us on a powerful tour of some of the … Read More

Living and Sustaining a Creative Life: Essays by 40 Working Artists

Although artists are inundated with an overflow of wisdom on how to feed their muses, advice slows to a trickle … Read More

Shop Talk

Free Your Mind

Community engagement in public art comes in many forms; and probably just as numerous are the reasons we should be … Read More

Wide-Open Spaces

Hossein Amirsadeghi: What role does the studio play in your work? Yinka Shonibare: The studio is something productive for me, … Read More

The 3D Revolution

No matter how much trouble the creators of digital tech may be having actually creating popular new products these days—and … Read More