On Location

Northern Regeneration

The marble-clad roof and glass walls of Oslo’s Opera House rise, iceberg-like, from the fjord, connecting land and sea in a harmonious meeting of cultural life and the environment. So, too, is the Snøhetta-designed Opera House a place where art meets the public. The sloping roof is designed so that anyone who wishes may clamber … Read More

Art in the Arab Street

It is four years since street vendor Mohamed Bouazizi burned himself alive and activated the extraordinary chain of events that became the Tunisian uprising. The uprising deposed the dominant state narrative only to reveal the flux of competing cultural, economic, and political paradigms currently affecting Tunisia. It is in this context of post-revolutionary flux that … Read More


Issue-Oriented Art on Lunchroom Tables

New York — May 14 saw the kickoff of one of New York City’s most wide-ranging public art projects: ten … Read More

Documenting Cultural Change

Tiuna El Fuerte Cultural Park—a pop-up cultural park created by Alejandro Haiek Coll and Eleanna Cadalso in Caracas, Venezuela—won the … Read More

International Researchers Discuss Public Art

Shanghai – Researchers from across the globe gathered last week to share their perspectives on public art. Sponsored by the … Read More

Recent Projects


Graffiti meets a child’s hand-held flipbook in a 2014 public art installation in Copenhagen, Denmark. For In/Between, Argentinian artist Hyuro … Read More

A Hyper Local Bridge

Strong enough to walk across, PaperBridge was designed and assembled by artist Steve Messam in Grisedale Valley in Patterdale, Cumbria, … Read More


Can’t find anyone willing to join you for a quick game of tag in the park? Head to the River’s … Read More


Art Parks: A Tour of America’s Sculpture Parks and Gardens

In both metropolitan and rural areas, sculpture parks and gardens are growing in popularity. The first comprehensive guide to North … Read More

Through the Looking Glass

Through the Looking Glass follows a four-year collaborative project between multimedia artist Ross and fine arts manufacturer Franz Meyer (Munich). … Read More

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Architecture as Resource

An alternative guide for architects, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle posits reinterpreting waste materials as precious resources. Via German-based project examples, the publication … Read More

Shop Talk

Placemaking Gets Deep

Today’s cities could use a little soul, says city planner Mark VanderSchaaf. For much of his nearly 12-year tenure as … Read More

Pacifying Publics

The romantic concept of the agora as the public meeting space of democracy has captured the imagination of thinkers for … Read More

Making Better Places

Creative placemaking has been an outcome of public art projects for years, and the term has recently become an engaging … Read More