On Location

Hard Work in a Hybrid Space

TWIN CITIES – Public art program administrators and their colleagues who run public-art-oriented nonprofits need to be negotiators. Not only do they have to talk a good game about their projects, they have to negotiate the conflicting demands of multiple stakeholders: artists, community groups, government entities, private-sector players like developers and building owners, and anybody … Read More

The Makeover of Milan’s “Rainbow Tower”

MILAN – In a world where public art is in danger of deterioration because of maintenance-budget restrictions, forgetfulness, or the sheer complexity of city life, some works are simply too iconic not to refurbish. Case in point: The 2015 makeover of the “Rainbow Tower” (Torre Arcobaleno) near Milan’s fashionable, design-conscious Garibaldi district. Built in 1964 … Read More


Mural Honoring Native Women to Be Unveiled in Minnesota

DULUTH, Minn. – On Saturday, September 23 the American Indian Community Housing Organization will unveil a vibrant new mural on … Read More

Free for the Rich?

DUBLIN – Nobody can accuse Kerry Guinan of half measures. The Dublin artist, who graduated from Ireland’s National College of … Read More

Indianapolis Neighborhood Renewal Project to Include a Crime-Fighting Arts Initiative

INDIANAPOLIS – An ambitious program to restore and build homes in Indianapolis’ struggling Near Eastside neighborhood is getting an art-oriented … Read More

Recent Projects

Walking a Watermelon in Cairo

CAIRO – In parts of the Arab world, watermelon is a term for nonsense, a joke, or a sham. Egyptian … Read More

Breathing Lights

ALBANY, SCHENECTADY, and TROY, N.Y. – Every night for several weeks in autumn 2016, a warm glow lit the windows of … Read More

Newcomers Calling

NEW YORK – The public telephone has joined the VHS tape and the floppy disc as a relic of a … Read More


Public Servants

Public Servants is the second book in the revived Critical Anthologies in Art and Culture series, whose first run, between … Read More

Richard Florida’s Top-Down Urbanism

A decade and a half ago Richard Florida’s “creative class” research became a sensation and opened new avenues of dialogue … Read More

Monumental Problems

Designed by architect Maya Ying Lin in 1981, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial (VVM) on the National Mall is, according to author … Read More

Shop Talk

“How Do We Go Beyond Talking?”

Roberta Uno leads Arts in a Changing America, a five-year initiative based at the California Institute of the Arts. She … Read More

The Art Department

The U.S. Department of Arts and Culture (USDAC) could be a cabinet-level agency of the federal government—in your dreams, and … Read More

Q&A: Theresa Sweetland

ST. PAUL, Minn. – Theresa Sweetland brings a lifetime commitment to the arts and social justice to her new role … Read More