On Location

The March of the Art Shanties

WHITE BEAR LAKE, Minn. – With the door of the small shanty closed, the only light comes from under your boots: the ghostly blue-white of ice 16 inches thick. The water below that layer of ice is another 15 or so feet deep. Whatever sunlight diffuses through the surrounding water and ice gives the shanty … Read More

Belfast: Walls Beyond Wars

BELFAST – Belfast’s walls have long been occupied by painted murals, mainly bearing political images and messages of protest. Catholics and protestants, feminists and conservative groups, anti-abortion and pro-choice movements used to fight with spray cans to own their territory. But now, not quite 20 years after the Good Friday Agreement – which, in 1998, … Read More


Sarah Sze Withdraws SF Proposal Over “Significant Changes” to Siting Terms

SAN FRANCISCO – Sculptor Sarah Sze has withdrawn her proposal for a work commissioned by San Francisco’s Chinese Culture Center. … Read More

Artists Support the Standing Rock Water Protectors

STANDING ROCK – Artist-led projects backing the pipeline protest include Masonite-and-mirror shields and a “migration.” The nearly eight-month-long gathering of … Read More

North Carolina Public Art on Hold Until Planning Process Becomes More Inclusive

ASHEVILLE, N.C. – When the public art planning committee for Buncombe County, N.C. , whose seat is Asheville, requested proposals … Read More

Recent Projects


NEW YORK—Martin Creed’s original concept for Work No. 2630, Understanding—the British artist’s largest work to date—was a three-part sculpture that … Read More

Catania Street Art Silos

CATANIA – As part of an event for the city of Catania and the Emergence Festival in summer 2015, several … Read More

Short Story Dispensers

GRENOBLE—With this project, publisher Short Edition invites commuters in Grenoble, France, to exchange digital distractions, such as their mobile phones, … Read More


Radical Seafaring

From their roots in land art to their current engagement with environmental issues, the artists in this book use the … Read More

Louise Nevelson: Light and Shadow

A new biography of Louise Nevelson provides a comprehensive view of the influential artist In 400 pages, this meticulous, illustrated … Read More

Walk Through Walls: A Memoir

Performance-art icon Marina Abramovic tells a tale of family oppression, personal passion, and artistic liberation. Danica Abramovic was a Yugoslav … Read More

Shop Talk

Q&A: Theresa Sweetland

ST. PAUL, Minn. – Theresa Sweetland brings a lifetime commitment to the arts and social justice to her new role … Read More

Where There’s a Will

A city needs public art in order to flourish. That’s an idea gaining traction among urban planners and other city-makers. … Read More

Object Lessons

As K-12 schools around the country kick into high gear, students at one Minnesota school have a unique opportunity to … Read More