(Vancouver, B.C.) – The 3rd Vancouver Biennale is currently underway in Canada. This celebration of public art will continue to unveil exciting new works throughout its two-year duration. The theme is “Open Borders / Crossroads Vancouver” and features a wide variety of work by local, international, emerging and well-known artists. With the exhibition spread throughout several freely accessible locations, the Biennale makes itself a real part of the city.

Several pieces have already been installed, including Love Your Bean by Canadian sculptor and filmmaker Cosimo Cavallaro. These colorful life-sized jellybeans invite those passing by to play and share a laugh, letting their imaginations run.

Unveiled on Sunday, September 7 was Giants by world-renowned Brazilian artists OSGEMEOS. It’s a 360-degree, 70-foot tall outdoor mural covering six gigantic silos on Vancouver’s Granville Island. This colossal project was made possible thanks to an Indiegogo crowd sourcing campaign that truly put what Miriam Blume, the Vancouver Biennale’s Director of Marketing, called “the ‘public’ back into ‘public art’. Without the small contributions made by art-lovers worldwide, this 23,500 square foot work of art may never have come about.

For more information about Giants and Love Your Bean, visit the Vancouver Biennale website.