Chapel Hill, N.C. – This summer, UNBOUND, a new project by Rhode Island-based media artist and composer Erik Carlson of AREA C Projects, will present a digital “memory library” of content submitted by community members in a permanent installation at the Chapel Hill Public Library.

During a week-long residency in Chapel Hill in March, Carlson worked with elementary and middle-school art students to gather and generate content for UNBOUND. A rich array of documentation of cultural and personal life in Chapel Hill—including “recipes, stories, film clips, photos, mementos, dittos, and more”—will be displayed in the media-based work.

A prototype of UNBOUND can be seen in the video below. The community content will be viewable through a series of glowing, rounded lenses arranged in Braille patterns on the surface of the piece, and will change continuously.

UNBOUND – public art installation for the Chapel Hill Public Library from Erik Carlson / AREA C on Vimeo.


As technology changes the way we interact with information, UNBOUND invites consideration of the public library’s dual role of collecting and distributing information, binding and unbinding it.

Submissions are currently being accepted, and information about upcoming events can be found on the Chapel Hill Public Library’s website. UNBOUND is commissioned by the Town of Chapel Hill Percent for Art Program.