Artist Suzanne Lacy organized ANYANG WOMEN’S CONVERSATION, a public installation and performance involving more than 100 women from various backgrounds in Anyang, South Korea, in September and October 2010. Over the course of 10 days, the women engaged in taped and photographed conversations at 15 different locations around the city, where they talked about their perceptions and experiences as women. They discussed topics including economic stability, human-environment issues, school experience, employment opportunities for women, violence, and women’s future in an economic downturn.

The conversations were eventually presented to the mayor and city council as a way to set a women’s agenda for the coming decade and identify key issues that will affect women in Korea. An outdoor public exhibition in Hagun Park coincided with the performance and featured photos and an installation of a “women’s room.”

Lacy works in many mediums, including video, performance, photography, and large-scale installation.