Versaille, France (2010) – Following the success of an installation by artist Takashi Murakami in 2010, the seventeenth-century ode to opulence, Palace Versailles, invited French artist Bernar Venet to temporarily install a nuymber of monumental sculptures in the palace gardens.

Venet designed a series of seven large, Corten steel sculptures that were installed at different spots on the surrounding grounds from june through November, 2011.

A native Frenchman, Venet is interested in the relationahip between art, landscape, and architecture, and was excited to install work at Versailles. “It was an amazing backdrop for my sculptures,” says Venet. “Versailles, as I see it, is all about wide-open spaces and perspectives that stretch as far as the eye can see. It is the perfect venue for my sculptures – and a real challenge to take on such a sublime, grandiose milieu.”

In the Place d’Armes, one of the individual works, 85.8° ARC X 16<, consists of a set of arcs that, from one angle, visually encompasses Louis XIV’s equestrian statue, and from another, frames the chateau itself. The exhibition received more than six million visitors while it was open.