VANCOUVER, B.C. (2011) – In April 2011, Australian artist Konstantin Dimopoulos transformed the Garden City Community Park in Vancouver, British Columbia, intoa  forest of bright blue trees.  The Blue Trees was constructed as part of the Vancouver Biennale.  Dimopoulos and volunteers arranged 21 unplanted red alder trees in the park and then painted all the bark blue. The pigment remained on the bark for several months and then naturally faded away. The trees were planted on Earth Day, becoming a permanent part of the park for the Vancouver Biennale. Dimopoulos describes the work as “social art action” and he hopes that the blue color, one not naturally associated with trees, will help spark people to think about the important role trees play in human survival – and encourage discussion of how the earth’s forests are disappearing. Dimopoulous, an Australian, first installed a series of blue trees in Melbourne, Australia, several years prior.