Throughout 2010, under the cover of darkness, anonymous artists have taken to the streets of Kabul to create provocative street art. The guerrilla stencils include images of tanks, soldiers, dollar signs, poppies, refugees, students, helicopters, Talibs, and question marks, arranged as a series of equations. True to the title, CHAND AST?—which roughly translated means “how much?”—the images are intended to raise questions about the cost and consequences of the war. While the individual artists remain anonymous, as a group these activist artists are known as Combat Communications. The nonprofit group Mountain2Mountain, which helps educate and support women in conflict regions, has partnered with Combat Communications to foster the arts and future artists in Afghanistan. The group sees the arts as an avenue for sustainable change in war-torn countries like Afghanistan, and artistic expression as a way to build community and take an active role in the future of the country.