Aarhus, Denmark (2010) – As part of the third annual Sculpture by the Sea exhibition in Aarhus, Denmark, in June 2011, British architect and designer Mark Nixon installed the kinetic sculpture Chimecco.

The piece is a large-scale wind chime made with 600 gold-anodized aluminum pipes and attached to the underside of a bridge nestled in the woods near the sea. The pipes are each 50mm in diameter but vary in length (and accordingly, pitch) from 120mm to 3750mm, a range of lengths similar to traditional small-scale wind chimes. The chimes could be “payed” by manipulating spring-loaded nodes on the surface of the bridge. Nixon wanted the sculpture to operate on three levels – as a catalyst for conversation and play; as a piece that slowly reveals itself as people cross the bridge with the wind chimes hidden below (or, if there is no wind that day, a piece that never reveals itself); and as playable through both human (the nodes) and natural (the wind) movement.

The piece was installed through July 2011, but those who still wish to experience the sights and sounds can click here to visit this panoramic website that captures the chimes in action.