Greenland (2010) – A sculptural installation, cool(E)motion, installed on an iceberg in Greenland, hopes to engage viewers on the topic of climate change. Using the dramatic, frozen landscape as a backdrop, artist Ap Verheggen installed a huge sculpture that conjures the majesty and harshness of this geographical region. To reach wider audiences, Verheggen recorded the installation of the piece for later broadcast on TV and the internet.

Verheggen launched the project in March 2010 with the hopes to demonstrate the link between climate and  culture, and to encourage people to think about the consequences of climate change. He is especially concerned with the effect of climate change on the Inuit people, who, says the artist, have no voice. The sculpture, flown into location by helicopter because the ice was too thin for sled dogs to pull it in, takes loose form as a pair of wings or a heart against the crisp, monotone iceberg. Verheggen has more Arctic sculptures in the works.