Flagstaff, AZ (2010) – An artist who wishes to remain anonymous has been transforming the buildings of Flagstaff, Arizona into gallery walls for his black-and-white photographs. The anonymous photographer enlarged his photographs, printed them on paper, and affixed them this July to the sides of buildings all around this July to the sides of buildings all around Flagstaff.  His hope is that the work, which he’s calling E-VO-LU-TION + JETSONORAMA, will inspire conversations, a sense of community, and interest in and engagement with public art. He also hopes other artists will join him in the project (which is part of the reason for his anonymity:  He wants the project to feel like it belongs to everyone).

The installation process was as important to the artist as the photographs themselves. While installing the pieces, he struck up conversations with community members and he hopes watching the installation inspired them to think more about the role of public art and public space.  The outdoor pieces were accompanied by photographs, also by the anonymous artist, inside the Flagstaff Photography Center through the month of July. The outdoor images remain up as long as the elements allow.