The first-ever site-specific art installation at a nuclear power plant opened in Yeonggwang, South Korea, with a video installation by the artist Kimsooja. EARTH-WATER-FIRE-AIR was organized by the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea, and the Membership Society of the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea. Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power and Hanjin Shipping are both financial sponsors. Several different artists are scheduled to create unique works for Earth-Water-Fire-Air in the future.

The projects will be installed on a 1,192-meter-long and 8-meter-wide strip of land that stretches between the power station and a nearby lighthouse. Kimsooja’s video installation, which went up in September 2010, has six channels that are projected onto large screens—spaced 200 meters apart—along the breakwater. The videos were taken on Lanzarote Island off the coast of Africa and near volcanoes in Guatemala, and are meant to evoke the four basic elements being reincarnated as each other: lava flows become rock, which becomes dust, which is blown in the air, and so on. The videos evoke Zen Buddhism and Taoism.

Earth-Water-Fire-Air is the first of what organizers hope will be many collaborations between Korean power stations and artists.