Atlanta, GA (2011) – “Hey men of Atlanta, you are lookin’ good!” On Monday, March 21, male pedestrians at the corner of Edgewood Avenue and Park Place in Atlanta, GA were in for an unexpected earful. Artists Stefani Byrd and Wes Eastin installed I GO HUMBLE, an interactive video installation that was meant to raise awareness of street harassment. The installation allowed four members of a local improve troupe – two women and two gay men – whose images were projected on large screens on the corner, to observe the crowd and catcall the men. The group hoped to use humor to raise awareness of this behavior, which can be uncomfortable for the women who are more typically on the receiving end. Byrd and Eastin’s work often focuses on “empathy training” where audiences are put on the receiving end of playfully staged inappropriate behavior.

The project was supported by the Digital Arts Entertainment Lab at Georgia State University and Flux Projects, which supports artists in creating temporary public art throughout Atlanta.