WOODWARD and MADRID, Wis. (2011) – In April 2011, Iowa added another prestigious bridge to its already wide selection.  Spanning the Des Moines River between the towns of Woodward and Madrid, the HIGH TRESTLE BRIDGEcreated by artist David Dahlquist, melds industrial materials and contemporary desigh. It is also the final link in the 670-mile-long trail system that connects Des Moines, the capital to the other areas in Central Iowa.

The bridge is flanked by angled cribbing on both sides. The cribbing is spaced 110 feet apart at one end of the bridge, but the sections get closer together as the bridge extends across the river. The visual effect of the decreasing space between the cribbing is the illusion of descending into a mine shaft. Two 36-foot-tall stone monoliths stand on either side of the bridge and form an enormous V that accentuates the entrance into the river valley. The pillars were layered with more than 16,000 custom-glazed ceramic tiles that were made to look like coal.