The Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools in Los Angeles are located on the former site of the Ambassador Hotel, where Robert Kennedy was assassinated. Inspired by this history, artist Lynn Goodpasture has installed a 690-square-foot ceramic tile labyrinth called KEELEY’S GARDEN, LABYRINTH 1. The French encaustic tiles are styled after the tiles that once decorated the Ambassador Hotel.

In 11 sections along the labyrinth’s path, Goodpasture installed slabs of basalt that the children can use as chalkboards, making the installation interactive and educational. For example, children can illustrate sequential lessons in history or science on the slabs and then walk through the labyrinth to read the full story. The hexagonal labyrinth and its many square tiles can be used by teachers to illustrate math and geometry concepts. The Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools comprise six different pilot schools with students from kindergarten through twelfth grade.