Rabinal, Guatemala (2011) – Artist and humanitarian activist Alayna Wool completed a documentary photo project called Living History in Rabinal, Guatemala. The project, a 490-foot photo montage covering a cemetery wall, pays homage to those who died in Guatemala’s genocide of the 1980’s. Many families had few survivors.

After helping survivors locate photos of their lost family members through identification centers and a public right-to-obtain law (that many families were unaware of), Wool used an exterior architectural wrap made by 3M to create the montage f more than 2000 photos. Members of the village frequently pass by the wall of the cemetery and are now able to see their loved ones.

Wool says that the installation is a “monumental project that encompasses history, cultural aspects, photography, and the community, all in one large-scale piece.” She won a Woman of Peace Award for the project.