The LOUISVILLE ARENA PEDWAY in downtown Louisville, Kentucky, is an all-glass marvel of engineering that serves an important function and also adds beauty to downtown. Connecting the Galt House Hotel and the KFC Yum! Center one story above street level, the dramatic structure is composed of one-inch-thick laminated glass walls and roof and laminated glass trusses. Holographic films, which change colors and are activated by LED lights at the base of the trusses, give the pedway a magical, illuminated quality. There are steel and architectural silicone in the underlying supports, but the rest of the structure is 100 percent glass. The pedway is both a ceremonial entrance for the Yum! Center and a gateway to downtown Louisville.

The pedway, which was designed by glass artist Kenneth von Roenn Jr. of Architectural Glass Art, was part of the larger construction project involving the KFC Yum! Center. It was completed in October 2010.