Seattle, WA (2010) – Five adjacent homes in Seattle’s North Capital Hill neighborhood were transformed into an art installation.

Mad Homes was presented by MadArt, an organization that fosters community engagement in the arts through novel installations. The group decided that rather than present art on walls, they would transform the walls themselves into the objects of art. One artist, for example, tied two houses together with red ribbon. The house next door was wrapped in plastic sheeting and slapped with a shipping label and bar code. The fives homes were open to the public from July 16 – August 7, 2011.

The project’s unique location allowed artists to create new and distinct works that would be impossible to stage in a gallery space. It also captured an audience that might not normally attend a gallery show. In addition to staging installations, MadArt focuses on supporting local artists and giving them the space and resources to create work. Individual artists on the Mad Homes project included Laura Ward, Allyce Wood, Allan Packer, Troy Gua, SuttonBeresCuller (a collaborative group), Julia Haack, Luke Haynes, Jason Puccinelli, Elizabeth Potter, Ryan Molenkamp, Meghan Hartwig, and Amanda Manitach.