Hamburg, Germany (2011) – In August of 2011, a quiet field just outside Hamburg, Germany, was transformed into a tiny subterranean city. NORDKREUZ, which was brought to life by the Berlin-based artist EVOL, was installed as part of the annual MS Dockville Arts & Music Festival.

The miniature city, a few short city blocks of paper-and-stencil skyscraper facades, had streets just wide enough for people to walk through, giving visitors the feeling of being giants in a miniature land. At night, the miniature subterranean streets were illuminated, literally bringing underground nightlife to life. Because the tops of the “buildings” were ground height, the structures seemed to have green rooftops and lofted gardens – two trends in urban green construction in recent years.

In the past, EVOL has transformed urban objects into miniature buildings, but this time the artist inverted that usual approach and transformed the rural countryside into a miniature city. At the end of the festival, the stenciled building facades were removed, and the small-scale city returned to the dirt forever.