San Francisco, CA (2010) – The animals that live in the Presidio, the national park ensconced in San Francisco’s Golden Gate National Recreation area, have new digs:  PRESIDIO HABITATS, funded by the FORE-SITE Foundation and the Presidio Trust and launched in May 2010.

Presidio Habitats  is a site-based art exhibition that invited 11 artists to imagine habitats for animal residents (and some former animal residents) of the Presidio, which, at 1,491 acres, is the largest urban park in the United States. Artist Nathan Lynch created a conceptual set piece advertising a race between the jackrabbit and the tortoise, hoping to appeal to the jackrabbits’ pride in their own dexterity and race-winning ability and lure them back to the park. Jensen Architects strategically placed 10 yellow chairs across the park where visitors can experience the great blue heron by becoming part of the landscape. Other artists include Ai Weiwei, Amy Lambert, and Fritz Haeg. Habitats is the first site-based art exhibition conceived for a national park.