US (2010) – REMEDIATE/RE-VISION is a series of art installations that took place in November of 2010 in diverse locations – parks, water treatment facilities, waterfronts, and city roofs – across the country. Artists created installations to raise awareness of ecological concerns such as watershed fragility, industrial and natural history, and ecological balance. Some pieces are part of large-scale projects, such as when artists collaborate in the design of a water treatment facility or a park. Some projects are smaller and lower-tech. All the projects involved community stakeholders and required artists to work outside their studios.

The project was curated by a team at Wave Hill, a public a=garden and cultural center in New York,  and was developed by the Cambridge Arts Council in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where a companion exhibition was on view in its gallery through August 20, 2010. Some of the projects included Ellis Creek Water Recycling Facility (Petaluma, California), by Patricia Johanson, a series of ponds to restore wetlands and wildlife habitats; Veden Taika (Salo, Finland) by Jackie Brookner, three floating islands in a local water treatment plant lagoon that function as a nesting site for birds and plants chosen to remove pollutants from the water; and The Monolith (Redding, California) by Buster Simpson, an interpretive sculpture created from the ruins of a gravel plant.