SECONDE NATURE, a permanent installation in Marseille, France, has two parts: an 18-meter-tall sculpture shaped like a sailboat and projected images of a giant garden. The large garden images (28 meters by 14 meters)—mainly cactuses, succulents, and palm trees—are projected from the bright orange sculpture onto surrounding warehouses. Each plant grows in its own unique, virtual way and follows the cycles of the seasons. The garden is also interactive. When the tramway passes by the installation, the “wind” that trails it blows all the leaves off the virtual plants and thereby makes room for a new garden to grow. When pedestrians walk by the plants, the plants spiral around themselves.

The work was commissioned by Euroméditérranée for an initiative called Marseille 2013 and installed in October 2010. Artist Miguel Chevalier and architect Charles Bové collaborate regularly on public artworks.