Oberhausen, Germany¬†(2011) – A long, winding, multicolored bridge that stretches between two parks on opposite sides of the Rhein-Herne Canal has sprung to life. The bridge, designed by Tobias Rehberger, was completed and illuminated in July 2011. The lights highlight the varied rainbow colors of the bridge and its lofted, ribbon-like quality. The bridge is long – 406 meters – but feels light as air thanks to an innovative minimalist design. The name of the bridge,¬†SLINKY SPRINGS TO FAME, highlights the other distinct feature of the structure; the slinky-like spiral that encases the walkway. The name was an actual advertising slogan for a toy slinky in the 1940’s. Rehberger is a native of Germany and his work has been recognized in international showcases, including the prestigious Venice Biennale.