Minneapolis, MN (2011) – During the Northern Spark public art festival in Minneapolis in June 2011, The Notion Collective staged STATION IDENTIFICATION, an interactive exploration of the Twin Cities’ radio landscape.

Radio plays an important role in the geography of modern cities.  For many residents and passers through, it’s not maps that shape the landscape in people’s minds, but the radio dial. Top explore this connection between radio and place, the artists transformed the observation deck of the Foshay Tower, a downtown skyscraper, into a radio compass. Visitors walking through the space were able to scan the radio dial with their feet, while radio receivers were placed in the direction of their corresponding broadcast tower. Afterward, visitors were able to respond to their experience by voicing it on a temporary internet radio station located in the Foshay. Anyone with access to the internet and speakers could then listen to the program inspired by this specific location and experience.