Phoenix, AZ (2010) – THE ZANJERO’S LINE by artists Mags Harries and Lajos Heder opened on March 27, 2010. It stretches four miles along the Highline Canal, a waterway in south Phoenix at the base of South Mountain. Formerly an underused area more utilitarian than user-friendly, the new stretch of art and landscaping along the canal has transformed the space into a recreational trail and relaxing gathering spot.

The built elements of the project make use of cast-iron buckets, planks, and boulders – design references to the water flowing through the canal, water usage, and the environment around South Mountain. The stones used to create seating are all local, and recycled concrete pavement was used to create the path and the beautiful entrance arch. Four pedestrian bridges were added to make traversing the canal easier.

Zanjero is Spanish for “water master,” a person who controlled the flow of water from the canals into the surrounding farmers’ fields (while now primarily residential, south Phoenix was once home to flower and citrus farms). The aim of the project is to encourage residents to use the trails and discover the important history and role of the Highline Canal.