Toronto, Canada (2010) – If you’ve ever nodded off on a park bench or wanted to spread out for a few zzzzs on a picnic table, you’re not alone. Artists Mia Rushton and Eric Moschopedis, calling themselves the C Project, organized a performance piece that persuaded Toronto residents to personalize sleeping masks using a simple crafting technique and then don the masks for a nap in a public park in the Queen West neighborhood. The project was a mixture of art, social engagement, and political statement. The artists view the prohibition against public napping as an affront to the fatigued citizens of the world, and with Z’S BY THE C they hope to take back the public park bench for one of life’s most glorious pastimes. The performance has been undertaken in New York City, Zurich, Ottawa, and Calgary.  it tucked into Toronto in July 2010.